Huge Selection of Grow Lights

Grass Valley Hydrogarden carries 1000W, 600W and 400W ballasts and bulbs! Digital ballasts or coil ballasts? We've got 'em both! HPS (High Pressure Sodium) bulbs or Metal Halide grow bulbs, Grass Valley Hydrogarden has got it all!

Grass Valley Hydrogarden also carries the highly efficient T5 fluorescent fixtures and bulbs. These are not the traditional T12 bulbs that most people think of when they think of fluorescent lighting. T5 bulbs on an average produce twice as many lumens as their T12 predecessors. T5 fixtures are available in 2 foot and 4 foot fixtures, from single bulb fixtures up to 8-tube fixtures. T5 bulbs are available with either a blue (grow) spectrum or a red (bloom) spectrum. Low wattage, low heat, high output, that's what T5 fluorescents are all about.

Grass Valley Hydrogarden carries CF (Compact Fluroescent) Bulbs in both 125W and 200W. These cool burning bulbs are perfect supplementary light for those house plants that need additional light, but where vigorous growth is not desired. At Grass Valley Hydrogarden we proudly carry grow light products by: Sun Systems and Hydrofarm. We are the exclusive distributor of Global Greenhouse Ballasts in Nevada County.